About Us

Ronin Imports is now 47point9!

Ronin Imports was founded around 7 years ago with a mission to import top-quality Japanese vehicles and three-piece wheels. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we decided to downscale and eventually shift our business focus to better align with our product offerings. We recognized that having a clear and distinct brand identity is crucial for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

While we will still continue to import vehicles and parts occasionally, our primary focus has shifted to crafting premium titanium keys, parts, and accessories tailored for automotive enthusiasts. This shift inspired us to rebrand our business, and we chose the name “47point9” because it represents the atomic weight of titanium on the periodic table of elements. We believe that our new name will strengthen our brand identity and effectively communicate our mission to potential customers.

Veteran Owned And Operated

As a military veteran and the owner of 47point9, I am fueled by my passion for all things automotive. As an automotive enthusiast, I am driven by the cars, the community, and most importantly, you, my fellow enthusiasts. I have taken the foundational principles instilled in me in the military and translated them into how I approach my business, with great integrity, impeccable service, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

If you have taken the time to read this “about me” section and are a military or prior military member, please reach out to me for a special coupon code. Your service to our country is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to serving you with the same level of dedication and commitment that I have applied throughout my military and professional careers.

Zack @ 47point9
Project Mastermind

Zack began his journey as a hobby mechanic, delving deeper into the world of automotive enhancements through metal fabrication and custom ECU tuning. After honing his skills in the industry, he transitioned into performing mission-critical maintenance on aircraft during his time in the US Air Force.


During his stay in Japan, he got a firsthand experience of the iconic Daikoku parking lot and the Tokyo Auto Salon, which sparked his interest in Japanese sports cars. It wasn’t long before he purchased his very first Skyline, further solidifying his passion for the automotive industry.



When he’s not immersed in electronics, 3D modeling, or fabricating custom parts, you might find him sporting a sumo costume (as pictured) to deter spam accounts on Instagram. His expertise makes him a go-to for custom projects, as well as for location and inspection of parts and vehicles.